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Mobile Internet exits explode 700% to $94B

Mobile Internet exits via IPO and acquisition skyrocketed to $94 billion in the last 12 months, according to a new Digi-Capital report (free summary; full version) led by the hottest sectors: messaging, games, and social networking. Full Story at VentureBeat

InnovatioNews: The Venture Capital Business Plan

By Peter Adams Venture capital and angel investing involves making decisions about companies with relatively little information and high degrees of uncertainty. There is debate among the venture community about the need for a business plan, and it’s time to discuss this issue and come to an understanding about why a venture capital business plan […]

This wristband works with your heartbeat to pay for things

We know that Apple Pay works with your fingerprint to verify payments, but another company has developed a wristband that uses a different part of the body: the human heart. Full Story at Mashable

AZ Tech Beat: National Venture Capital Association ranks Phoenix among top 20 cities for tech startup funding

The National Venture Capital Association released their Q3 2014 Venture Capital Investments report of the top 20 metropolitan areas receiving funding through September 30, 2014. Full Story at AZ Tech Beat

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How to Solve the World’s Wicked Problems? Enlist the Best Entrepreneurs

10.10.10’s inaugural event in February (16-26) will tackle wicked health problems By Julie Jensen 10.10.10 is an organization and a program that develops market-based solutions to the world’s “Wicked Problems.” We are not a charity or a think tank. We focus specifically on market-based solutions because, after all, that’s what entrepreneurs do. These wicked problems […]

Want to Protect the Internet? Consider This…

By Michael Price, Executive Director The Real Threat to the Internet: Old Rules, Red Tape and Hidden Fees Think about that rotary telephone.  The bulky piece of black, yellow or avocado-colored plastic with the long curly cord mounted to your kitchen wall, or on a side table next to the couch. The one where dialing […]

Startup Force Impact Technologies crush it at Tech Crunch Disrupt

With over 38 million (reported) sport related-concussions in the US, founders of Force Impact Technologies, wanted to develop something to help young athletes prevent against potential brain damage and developed FITGuard, a head-injury awareness mouthguard. When an athlete has a collision with another athlete or object the mouthguard, via Bluetooth, will indicate the amount of […]

INterview with Erik Mitisek, Colorado Technology Association CEO

Erik Mitisek has been leading the Colorado Technology Association (CTA) for a year and helping build the startup and technology community since 1999. He previously served as co-founder of Next Great Place Inc., a Denver-based online luxury travel company. In addition to the travel industry, Erik’s background includes real estate, Big Data and online radio […]

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