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Event – PR for Startups and Small Business

PR for Startups and Small Business – Lee Porter and Doyle Albee It’s challenging to integrate media in startups and small businesses. Too often, entrepreneurs avoid media because they believe it’s too expensive, time consuming or difficult. That’s why on September 10th Innovation Pavilion, InnovatioNews, Metzger Albee Public Relations, and Coalition for a Connected West […]

Next Tech4Good Denver Forum: Digital Storytelling Through Social Media, Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 from 4 to 6 pm Colorado Collaborative for Nonprofits* 789 Sherman Street Denver, CO 80205 How do you tell your story on social media? With Facebook and Twitter popularity close to saturation, what other platforms strengthen your message? We’ll present an overview of different platforms and the strategic “nuts and bolts” […]

Built In Colorado – Radio tech company Clip Interactive expands Boulder home base, while partnering internationally

By Christine Schmidt Sometimes, the next innovation can be as close as the radio right in front of you in the car. That’s how it was for Clip Interactive founder Jeff Thramann, who created a new way for listeners, terrestrial radio stations (aka non-satellite, Internet stations) and the music and advertising industries to work together. […]

Las Vegas Weekly – Musing on a Password-Free World with LaunchKey

By Erin Ryan Learning that Russian hackers stole more than a billion Internet-user credentials was kind of like losing a bag of underwear on an airplane. It made us very uncomfortable. And obsessed with Las Vegas-based LaunchKey’s free mobile authentication app, which doesn’t use passwords or store user information. Co-founder and CEO Geoff Sanders should […]

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Startup Force Impact Technologies crush it at Tech Crunch Disrupt

With over 38 million (reported) sport related-concussions in the US, founders of Force Impact Technologies, wanted to develop something to help young athletes prevent against potential brain damage and developed FITGuard, a head-injury awareness mouthguard. When an athlete has a collision with another athlete or object the mouthguard, via Bluetooth, will indicate the amount of […]

INterview with Erik Mitisek, Colorado Technology Association CEO

Erik Mitisek has been leading the Colorado Technology Association (CTA) for a year and helping build the startup and technology community since 1999. He previously served as co-founder of Next Great Place Inc., a Denver-based online luxury travel company. In addition to the travel industry, Erik’s background includes real estate, Big Data and online radio […]

Make Internet Access Free of Taxes Permanently

By Michael Price, Executive Director, Aurora, CO It goes without saying that the Internet plays a vital role in our lives. The Internet enables us to shop, watch the play from the playoffs that we missed and cat videos. It’s estimated that Americans spend 11 hours a day with electronic media like the radio, TV, […]

Tech4Good – Dashboards: Monitor Progress to Achieve Results

An invitation from Amy Quinn, CCW advisory board member and member of Tech4Good Denver. ******************************************* DASHBOARDS: MONITOR PROGRESS TO ACHIEVE RESULTS Wednesday, July 16 from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Mile High United Way, Founder’s Room 2505 18th St Denver, CO 8021 Learn how to think about the process of setting-up a dashboard and review […]

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